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Connect all devices in your LAN|WAN Network. Small businesses & home office networks setup, troubleshot and maintenance.

IT Support

Support for computer's hardware and software. OS performance, deployment, malware removal & peripheral devices setup, etc...


Don't be afraid, we take the measures for you to be safe in a new digital IoT work. Firewalls, ACLs, Survilance devices, etc.

What we do?


- Physical network topologies design.

- Logical network topologies design.

- LAN-WAN interconnections.

- Routers deployment. (NAT, DHCP, Tunneling (VPN), Failover, SNMP, NTP, Authentication, QoS)

- Switches deployment. (VLANs, Failover, Inter-VLAN-Routing, Mirroring)

- Wireless AP deployment.

- Network management.

- Network maintenance & recovery.

- Home offices & smart IoT devices.


- Laptops & desktops setup & maintenance.

- Hardware replacement & upgrade.

- Sofware deployment, troubleshooting and update.

- Operating System deployment & update and cleanup.

- Network OS deployment & management.

- Peripherals configuration & adaptation to your needs.

- Malwares protection & removal.

- System backup & recovery.


- Local & remote routing access security implementation, packets filtering (ACLs).

- Local & remote swiching access deployment.

- LAN-WAN local security access.

- LAN-WAN remote security access.

- Firewalls implementation.

- Video surveillance systems configuration, interconnection & troubleshooting.

- PBX support. For (analog) telephony systems.


Engineers especialized in technology fields such as Networking, Computers Support, Security, etc. Want to bring to your life our knowledge and expertise. Through a long learning path we have adquired some skills and determined that a good solution is not always the most expensive. Our number 1 commitment is to offer you the best and the most cost-efective solution for your Home & Business.

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The best solution isn't always the most expensive.