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LAN-WAN networks interconnectivity. Small businesses & home office networks setup, troubleshoot, maintenance, etc.

IT Managed

Computer's hardware and software. OS deployment, performance, malware removal, peripheral devices setup, etc.


Don't be afraid, we take the measures for you to be safe in a new digital IoT world. Firewalls, LAN Protection, MFA, VPN, CCTVs, etc.

What we do


Network Designs

Network Set up

Network Interconnections

Network Management

Network Security

Network Hardening

Network Maintenance

Network Recovery

Network Documentation

Network Inventory

Site Surveys

WAP Deployment

Smart Homes and IoT

IT Managed

Computers Support

OS Deployment

OS and NOS Management

Applications Support

Hardware Replacement

Software Deployment

Servers Deployment

Servers Management

Peripherals Deployment

Mobile Devices Management

System Backup

Systems Recovery

Computers Inventory


Network Access Control

Email Protection

LAN Authentication

Internal LAN Security

Access Control List

Firewalls Deployment

Group Policy Management

Wireless Security

Data Protection

DNS Protection

Multi-Factor Authentication

Malware Protection

Monitoring Systems


Engineers specialized in a variety of Technology fields such as IT, Networking, Cloud and Cybersecurity; who want to bring their knowledge and expertise to your life and business. Through a long learning path we have acquired some skills and determined that a good solution is not always the most expensive. Our commitment is to offer you the best and the most cost-effective solution to your Home and Business.


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The best solution isn't always the most expensive.